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Upload your CAS here and get a complete review of all your investments. we offer an in-depth analysis of your investments and suggest the right action to grow your money.

Identify Under-performing Investments

Re-structure your portfolio for better returns

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How do I get my CAS PDF?

You can get your CAS generated via CDSL, NSDL, AMFI, or CAMS. For explanation purposes, we are considering CAMS as an example.

We will now direct you to the secure website of CAMS from where you can generate a statement. Click Here (Refer the sample landing page below)

In the options there, select 'Detailed Statement', 'Specific Period' and enter the 'to and from date'.

Fill in you registered email ID and give a password to open the PDF document. Once you enter this, a PDF will be emailed to you. (Please note that only the investments in which your email ID is registered, will be part of the CAS statement)

Get the PDF from your inbox, and come back here to upload it on the above place.

If you already have a CAS statement, upload the same in the above place and ignore the steps mentioned.

Important Note:

Enter the email ID registered in your folio across Funds serviced by CAMS and KFintech. If you wish to update your email ID online, try self-service chatbot CAMServ, or use GoGreen service.

For improved security, the statement will be encrypted using the password provided by you in the form above, and emailed only to the email address registered in your folio.

This screen is intended for valid and authorized investors only. Illegal or unauthorized access could result in legal action.

Risk Factors: Please be aware that the Consolidated Account Statement requested via email could be intercepted by hackers while en route to your mailbox, or seen by unauthorized individuals if your inbox security is inadequate.

Upload your CAS here

(Common Account Statement)

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